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What to Expect in your First Salsa Class

We all get a little nervous when we are starting something new. It really helps to have some kind of idea what awaits you, so you know that you won’t be making a fool of yourself.

Here’s a little insider knowledge that will give you the guts to rock up to your first Salsa class with a huge smile on your face and inspire all the other students with your massive aura of confidence. (And when they ask you for your secret, don’t forget to direct them to SalsaHackers.com!)

 Here’s what to expect in your first Salsa class:

You can’t help feeling excited and a little apprehensive as you rock up at the venue and grin nervously at the other people joining you on this adventure. But a smile erupts on your face as you remember that everyone was a beginner once and this is going to be great!

You feel comfortable as you didn’t need to put on special Salsa clothes, wear special Salsa shoes or even bring a partner. The teachers arrive: they’re not at all intimidating but are warm and friendly and you’re pleasantly surprised.

They treat you to a little demonstration of Salsa to really inspire you.

They’re likely to crack a (bad?) joke or two to help you feel at ease, and then gently introduce steps, let the class try them out , and then pop on some music on so you can really get to dance. You’ll probably swap partners along the way to keep things fresh, help you learn effectively and give you chance to say hello to all the other lovely people in the class.

The class will fly by and you’ll go home happy. Next week will seem so far away and you will find yourself counting down the days until the next dancing opportunity. (At least I used to.) Of course, you’ll be dancing behind the photocopier at work, grooving in your living room and sneakily looking up Salsa music on YouTube.

Then it’s up to you! Dance! And dance some more. Then dance more again. You cannot be a dancer if you do not dance!

Tons of places have a club night or practice time afterwards so take advantage and let the moves become second nature whilst making tons of new friends. Then head home to have dreams of more dancing loveliness.

Now it’s time for you to have your say. What was your first Salsa class like? Did you feel nervous before you went? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Comments on What to Expect in your First Salsa Class

  1. Well, after years of wanting to do it, I went to my first salsa class last night and loved it! The evening kicked off with all the classes together for a warm up as we tried, with varying degrees of success, to copy the moves being shown to us, but especially for us first timers it serve to break the ice and make us smile and laugh. Then to the class itself, the boys outnumbered the girls, so we had to share! And then do the steps by ourselves when we were partner-less! Most in this absolute beginners class were coming for only their first or second time, and of course some did better then others- I was quite pleased with how I did. And you’re right, the time did fly by, and while I didn’t feel ready to take someone onto the dance floor amongst all the more experienced dancers, especially as the male and expected to lead, I did enjoy watching them all for a while.

    • I’m so pleased that you finally managed to make it to that salsa class, and even better that you loved it. Do you think you’ll be going along next week? Have a good look through our articles and you should find plenty to answer any questions that you might have. Of course, feel free to ask us if you want to know anything.
      Charlotte x

      • Yes, definitely intending to go along next week, hoping it won’t be quite so busy, and that there’ll be a better balance between the boys and the girls!

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