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Glasto Latino- Surprising Salsa in Wellies

Have you ever had an experience that left you thinking “Wow, that was really amazing! But do I really have to go home now?” As some of you may already know, Salsa Hackers has been at the Glastonbury Festival over the past weekend, discovering the delights of the Salsa tent named Glasto Latino. I’d known about the tent for a ...[Read more]

Should You Date a Salsero?

Salsa men get a bad rap. “Be warned! ” they say. “They are all cheaters, they are all womanisers and they are all arrogant as hell” is what you often hear behind the scenes at your local Salsa club. But is this really true and should you date a Salsero or avoid them? As they say, there are always two sides to every story and today ...[Read more]

Salsa at the Glastonbury Festival

Imagine Salsa in wellies…Imagine Salsa in wellies on a farm in the heart of Somerset…Sound like an experience not to be missed? Believe it or now, we’re talking about the Salsa tent (Glasto Latino) at the Glastonbury Festival. And whilst you will probably not need the wellies once we have this heat-wave that is right around the ...[Read more]

Salsa Celebrities: César Pacheco interview

With multiple dance styles, talents and an enthusiasm for life, he’s the teacher who’s been charming the salseras and inspiring the salseros of the UK for many years now. César Pacheco Cachacha talks to us today about what makes an awesome salsero and why wheels are simply the best! First things first! Tell us your name and what you ...[Read more]