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Glasto Latino- Surprising Salsa in Wellies

Have you ever had an experience that left you thinking “Wow, that was really amazing! But do I really have to go home now?”

As some of you may already know, Salsa Hackers has been at the Glastonbury Festival over the past weekend, discovering the delights of the Salsa tent named Glasto Latino. I’d known about the tent for a while (read my article about it here) but what I hadn’t realised before was how good it really is (and how knackered I would be afterwards!)

Are you wondering what you missed out on this year? Curious about what it was that we all loved so much? Here’s why Salsa at the Glastonbury festival is not to be missed and why I now love wellington boots!

view from stage bands glasto latino

We love wellies!

What do you think of when you imagine dancing in wellies? If you’re anything like me, you’ll raise an eyebrow and secretly pray for sun and pretty shoes.  I needn’t have worried! Not only is the main area undercover (so it doesn’t matter if it rains) but I barely noticed that I had wellies on when I treated myself to a couple of dances mid-afternoon. I may even see if I can get away with them next time I go out dancing in a club…

There’s world-class live Salsa music!

I’m a person that’s pretty passionate about great quality Salsa music and I have been to a ton of Salsa gigs in my time, so as you can imagine I can be a little picky. I have never heard live Salsa music as good as the bands at Glasto Latino. The acoustics of the tent complimented Latin music incredibly well and the venue is intimate but large enough to breed amazing energy, get the crowds dancing and offer a fantastic night’s entertainment. What really stood out was the quality of the bands- no tacky fillers here but top quality world-class act like Mayito Rivera, Edwin Sanz & Alex Wilson, Salsa Celtica, Son Yambu and Aji Pa’ti. How many other places offer so many great Salsa bands all over just one weekend?

glastoThere’s something for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are taking your first steps as a dancer, or have spent 20 years on the scene- there will be something for you. Beginners can get fab classes from some of the UK’s top teachers. This year it was Nigel May and Mauricio Reyes. The classes are really popular and full of people from all walks of life. If you have a little more experience, you can enjoy the bands that play regularly throughout the afternoon, grab yourself a few dances (go on, try the wellies!) the authentic Cuban carnival, Cuban dancers and the percussion. Once you’ve grabbed a bite to eat from some of the great authentic Latin food stall nearby, or chilled out on the sofas by the fire you can grab a bottle of something nice and soak up some of the fantastic high-energy music that goes on late into the night.

The rest of the Glastonbury Festival is great too

Salsa doesn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all. Maybe you secretly have other tastes as well as Salsa… Go on, admit it! Part of the beauty of Glasto Latino is that you have the rest of the Glastonbury Festival to keep yourself and everyone else happy. It’s famous for offering every kind of music for every kind of lifestyle possible so go on and enjoy it. This could even be your opportunity to have a Salsa taster-session or drag along some family members to try a little of what you already like. It worked with me. I took my son along to the festival and he adored their Kidz Field; it was brilliant. But he also adored the Glasto Latino tent and it has even inspired him to learn some Spanish, to try a few Salsa steps and to take up drumming too. What could it do for your friends and loved ones?

Expect an authentic Latin experience

We are not talking about a cheap, tacky wannabe Latin experience here created by people who don’t have a clue. Some of the top names in UK Salsa organise and contribute to everything that goes on in the Glasto Latino tent.

welcome mayitoThis year, the Cutumba Folkloric dance troup from Santiago de Cuba brought some authentic Cuban sabor and amazing energy to proceedings. I’m sure they will never forget the moment they took their conga into the lovely British sunshine and were greeted by the arrival of the great Mayito Rivera. Much to his delight, they welcomed him to the Glastonbury Festival in style and brought a huge smile to his face! Sadly our photo doesn’t quite do it justice.


Worth the money

Glasto Latino plus the entire Glastonbury Festival is well worth the money. You have the opportunity to experience several world-class live Salsa bands both during the day and at night. You also get dance classes, a Cuban carnival, Latin  percussion and much more.  If you are thinking of trying out Salsa, then Glasto Latino is the perfect place to do it. Over 4 days, you can treat yourself to a mini Salsa Bootcamp as well as enjoying the rest that the festival has to offer. There is so much- we didn’t even get chance to experience it all! And before you ask, yes there are showers, food and lots of friendly people. Plus dancing in wellies is fun!

Do you see what you missed out on this year? It really was fantastic. I’ve never met such lovely people, experienced such authentic Cuban stuff in the UK and had so much fun.  Of course, the more Salseros that come along, the better they can make Glasto Latino tent . Will you come along too and save a dance for me?

Tickets go on sales in October. You can register here now to be in with a chance. Buena Suerte!

The Glastonbury Festival takes place on June 24th-28th in 2015

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