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Salsa Teachers Get Lots Of Sex??

Picture this: you’re a tiny black fly on the wall at a Salsa class or a Salsa event and you’re enjoying the music and wondering whose drink to plunge into.

You notice a Salsa instructor imparting his or her knowledge to a bunch of hungry dance students. The entire class is glued to even the tiniest movement of the teacher’s body. Every single move is mentally recorded; the body movement, posture, confidence and even their charisma gets sucked up, chewed and remembered.

Then the class finishes and the teacher becomes almost constantly surrounded by swathes of men and women, all friendly and chatting, smiling. You catch sight of the students faces.There’s a faint whiff of sexual tension in the air, and you can hazard a guess at what’s going on beneath the surface.

So in your tiny fly brain, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this person must be super popular plus surely get tons of sex.

But is this really a fair assumption to make? Do Salsa teachers get lots of sex? Surely the teacher has tons of friends and tons of charisma, and that is all? Let’s discover more.

Teachers are social butterflies?

Let’s be honest. You’re standing up in front of a group of people, which does afford you a certain amount of fame, however small. People will want to be near you. Plus it really does help keep your students coming back to your classes and events if you make them feel like they matter and you care. Doesn’t really matter on the surface if this is genuine of not, although this often spills over into real life too.

Salsa teachers have a bad reputation?

Why do they have this reputation?

In part, because the media has created a convenient ‘brand’ from Salsa dance which deems it raunchy, hot and tropical. It suits the general public and the media because they don’t understand what Salsa is or what is about, and by doing this, they can tuck us neatly away under the same label. It suits business.

It also suits all of us dancers, dance teachers, DJs and promoters to maintain this image to a certain extent Because of this image, it’s likely that increasing numbers of people will learn to dance which keeps the Salsa scene fresh, gives us more people to dance with and thus, the public perceives Salsa as energetic and vibrant which can only be a great thing.

Because Salsa is seen as hot and steamy, the people who do it are labelled as such.

Salsa teachers are attractive

Yes you are! When you stand up in front of a group of people, you claim a certain amount of power over them, and as a result your social status improves dramatically. High status is attractive (just ask any girl that chases a man with a fancy watch or sports car).  You also need to have a certain level of confidence to stand up and be a Salsa teacher, plus you need charisma and a great sense of humour to really make it work.

Knowledge is also power, and as a teacher you are sharing that knowledge. It’s attractive to be able to dance well, and even more attractive to be accomplished enough to teach it. Skill and knowledge is sexy. Plus you get extra attractive points if you are Latino or attractive.

Does this mean all Salsa instructors are cheaters and players?

It’s suspect that this is what the poster originally meant to ask, when they posted to the forum. It’s assumed that lots of sex usually equals a cheater or a player but this is not necessarily the case. Many dance teachers are in stable, happy, healthy long-term relationships and wouldn’t dream of cheating on their partner (but hopefully they do get plenty of sex with their partner!!)

There are, of course the dance teachers who are young, free and single. So what if they decide to ‘play the field’ a little? It doesn’t automatically make them bad people, even if we wouldn’t personally make the same choices. Nor does it make them cheaters and players.

Besides, every person is different. and it’s incredibly unfair of us to generalize and cast judgement over them all because of the bad behaviour of a few.

Do they really lots of sex?

Does it really matter? What does it have to do with us anyway? Don’t most people get plenty of sex?

As you’ve seen, there are many people who believe that Salsa teachers get lots of sex, purely by being dance teachers and that Salsa is all a raunchy business. Whilst it’s true that the ability to dance and the status of being a teacher is attractive, this doesn’t automatically make a Salsa teacher a bed-hopper!

A dance teacher is no more likely to be a sex- addict, cheater or player than any other person. Don’t you agree?

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Do you think that Salsa teachers get more sex? Are they all cheaters and players? Share it all in the comments below.

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  1. WTF? You keep me reading until the end just to say: It doesn’t matter. I read it because I wanted to know!!!

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