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  Welcome to the Salsa Hackers Shoe Boutique. Get ready to treat your feet to their dream Salsa shoes from right here in the UK. Are you ready to boost your dancing, look fantastic, feel sexy and super-charge your dancing? A beautiful well-made salsa dance shoe will make a world of difference to your dancing experience. You’ll be amazed at what you can already do. Our salsa shoes are created in funky and more traditional colours, comfortable fabrics and a variety of heel sizes. They are specially designed with suede soles which move smoothly over the dance-floor. You will be able to turn with ease whilst looking awesome. Buy Salsa shoes today and your feet will adore you! Jump to our Salsa Shoe FAQs page if you have any questions or contact us if you need a little personal help. All shoes are brought to you by SalsaHackers.com and Rotate Dance Shoes UK