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Why Salsa a Recession-Proof Hobby

Have you heard about the global recession?  There are problems with the economy, government cuts,  job insecurity and many other things to have a good old moan about. You can’t deny it though- money is tighter than it was before and there’s only so much you can do.

But who wants to stop having fun? Who wants to put a lid on all of those things that you love?  Nope, me neither.

Look no further- the answer is right under your nose. You can have a huge amount of fun without breaking the bank and today I’m going to tell you how. Salsa is the number one recession-proof hobby and you’d be a fool to miss out. Here are 4 simple reasons why:

1. Dance Classes are a super-fun investment

One of the most affordable ways to spend your evening is to head to a Salsa dance class. Not only are the prices good, but you also get far more than just some dance lessons. Firstly you will be in for a dose of instant fun. Secondly, you will make lots of friends, get some exercise and boost your confidence. And lastly, the ability to dance Salsa is a skill that will never be lost and will change the way you move your entire body (don’t worry, you won’t be accidentally wiggling those hips when the match is on at your local.) Think of it all as an awesome investment..

2. You don’t need to buy expensive kit to do it (unless you want to!)

Salsa is one of those brilliant hobbies where you don’t need to fork out for expensive, heavy kit that you need to drag along with you. You can go exactly as you are,wearing whatever you want, and still have a fabulous night. Of course, if you don’t mind spending a little, you could treat yourself to some great dancing shoes, some clothes that make you feel a little special, or some brilliant Salsa music to practice at home to.

3. You get a cheap night out

For a fab night out dancing, just throw the following into your pocket:

    a) A couple of quid for your Salsa dancing class or the club entry fee
    b) A couple of quid for a few drinks

That’s absolutely all you need! Simple, eh? And if you fancy spending a little more on drinks then go ahead, next round is yours!

4. You get a break away from it all on the cheap

Salsa dancing is like an instant holiday where you can disconnect from everyday life and recharge those batteries. (Did I mention the fun?) There’s no need to spend hundred of pounds to head to some dull beach in the Canary Islands- your place is right here, right now, in a Salsa night in your town or city. Better still, head to a weekender or Salsa Congress where you can bask in lots of Salsa loveliness and still make it home for work on Monday. If you still want more and have a weeks to spare and more cash, book yourself in for a fab Salsa holiday.

There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice your fun and give up on your dreams when the finances get tight. Salsa is a fantastic, fun, sexy hobby that is kind to your pocket, your waistline and your soul! What are you still doing here? Get out dancing now!

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Image © Vincent Jarousseau

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