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Can Salsa Help You Heal Your Life?

You’ve had enough. You’re sick of putting up with your crappy job and your selfish partner. You’re sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing pounds that shouldn’t be there. You’ve had it with uninspiring weekends, self- destructive habits and an embarrassing non-existent social life. You just can’t take it any more. So what the hell can you do? The world is awash with suggestions and recommendations at this time of the year; you’re just not sure who to believe and which direction to take.

I’ll tell you who to believe. You should believe the experience of many other people who have suffered like you have and emerged from the other side. You have the power right now to change your life for the better, and all you have to do is learn to dance Salsa. It’s an incredible amount of fun and you won’t believe it until you try it. Not convinced? You really could heal your life with Salsa.

But first, let’s talk about two people I used to know.

Meet Jake. He looks just the same as you and I. He wakes up every morning, munches his breakfast, has a wash, jumps into the car and heads off to work. Each day, he’s lucky enough to reach a little bit closer to his dream of having a doctorate. He’s a friendly enough bloke too- all his colleagues and students think highly of him, and he’s always got some interesting nugget of information to share with anyone he meets.

So tell me then why Jake gets home, locks the door quietly behind him, sighs sadly and resigns himself to spending yet another evening alone. He doesn’t exchange a single word with anyone until he returns to work the next day and replaces the mask of ‘popular happy Jake’. It’s pretty much the same every day, every weekend, every holiday. He’s not sure he can keep up the act for much longer. He’s teetering on the edge….

Meet Yvonne.Things really aren’t good. She hasn’t washed today, nor eaten, but to tell you the truth, she doesn’t really care. She’s got bigger things to think about.. She barely notices her hunger as she scrabbles around in her purse, fingernails yellow, hair slicked upon her forehead, desperately searching for more cash to see her through her day. But she’s not addicted. Oh no. She could stop this all at any time. It’s just a bit of fun. Isn’t it?

These two characters aren’t just figments of my imagination. They’re real people that I’ve known in both the UK and abroad who found themselves in terribly sad situations that seemed incredibly hopeless. They were almost at breaking point…

Yet when I actually met them, I didn’t realise that they had ever struggled in these horrible ways. I didn’t know that they had ever suffered, at least, not until they told me.

You see, they had taken a deep breath, faced their problems head-on and come out on the other side and discovered that they had the power to dig themselves out of a situation, no matter how deep the hole they were in.

What They Did to Change

  1. They admitted to themselves that things weren’t going well. It’s the hardest part of the process, but also the most important.
  2. They told someone and asked for help. Maybe this person was a friend or a family member, maybe this person was a therapist, or even simply a trustworthy person that was there to help. No matter who they were or how severe the problem they were facing. they supported them on the path to recovery.
  3. They took steps to make this happen. They listened to advice, they did a little research of their own and they followed through. They actually made the change happen for themselves.

What has all this got to do with Salsa?

14390245112_725119c586_zIn the case of our friends Jake and Yvonne, Salsa was instrumental in their recovery. Jake admitted that he was lonely and wanted to get out and meet people. He’d always been curious about dance so when someone suggested that he take a Salsa class, he went for it, and he has never looked back since! His social life exploded, his self-esteem rocked and now he works full time as a Salsa teacher and dancer. Yvonne decided that things were getting out of control and looked for help with her drug problem. She admitted that she was trying to smother some deeper emotional issues in her life, and took steps to face them. She decided to take care of her body, so when she spotted an advert for a Salsa class in the local newsagent’s window she decided to go along and give it a try. Several years of counselling and Salsa dancing later and she is a happier, healthier lady.

Why Salsa?

Salsa dancing is fantastic for healing many areas of your life. Take a quick peek at our article ‘Why You Should Learn Salsa’ to find out why it is so great. Ask any Salsero why they started to dance, and the majority will recount the story of how salsa has changed their lifes for the better. Don’t believe me? Head down to your local Salsa class or club and ask around.

What Could You Heal?

Is there a part of your life that you are unhappy with? Is there something that you’re desperate to change? It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the same situation and the friends in our story. What matters is that you admit it to yourself and then take those steps to change. Salsa can help you on your way.

Salsa will help you to:

-Recover from a relationship break-up

-Find your soul-mate

-Get over self-confidence and body issues

-Break drug and alcohol addiction

-Leave abusive and destructive relationships

-Lose weight and tone up

What Do I Need to Do?

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step.. Learn to dance Salsa and watch the changes that appear in your life. It worked for Jake and Yvonne and it will work for you. Promise.

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