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Dancing Salsa Can Heal Depression

Do you suffer from depression or do you know someone who does?

According to the Mental Health UK website, 1 in 4 British Adults suffer from a mental health issue at least once every year. That’s an awful lot of people suffering, But luckily there is a simply way we can help combat the nasty effects of depression, anxiety and low mood disorders and it’s also a lot of fun too. Dancing salsa can heal depression. Here’s how:

Dance is self-expression

Far too many of us have suppressed emotions bubbling away beneath the surface that then rear their nasty heads at the worst of times. Sound familiar? It’s far healthier for us to find a way to release these in a positive and productive way through things like art ,dance and music. Human beings have a deep need to express themselves and Salsa is the perfect way to meet that need.

Dance is Moving Meditation

When you are in a depressed state, you struggle beneath the weight of a black cloud and can think only of that dreadful weight upon your back. There is no joy in anything around you. Meditation is known to be a way of breaking out of this vicious cycle and escaping from the clutches of suffering. And dancing Salsa is exactly the same. Salsa dancing is a form of ‘moving meditation’ whereby you are focused entirely on the moment and you allow yourself some release and chance to heal a little. Try it.

Salsa is fun!

Let’s not forget the number one reason that most of us dance Salsa. And that is to have fun! Pleasure and fun seem to be something that too few adults manage to have nowadays, which is so sad. Indulge in a little Salsa dancing. It’s healthy, happy and fun.

Learning is healing

Every single time you go dancing, whether you have years of experience or not, you boost your skills a little. This process of learning and self-improvement is fantastic for mind, body and soul . It’s also amazing in the fight against depression. According to the NHS websiteLearning can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose, and help us connect with others.”  Salsa does all of these things.

Salsa dancing improves circulation

Are you familiar with that feeling of exertion after a dance? You know- when your heart is pumping madly, sweat is glistening on your brow, and you are slightly out of breath?It’s fantastic for your entire body, especially your cardiovascular system and your brain. Studies uch as the one carried out by the University of Toronto have shown that just a little exercise relieves and even prevents depression for this very reason. The increase of blood flow in the brain also helps with chronic conditions such a migraines. (speaking from experience here). [insert science daily link]

Salsa can have many positive effects on a person’s life, it’s hard to see how anyone would not want to learn to dance! What’s more, it’s a great avenue of self- expression, it’s a form of moving meditation, it’s great fun, we learn a new skill and we also improve our general fitness and blood flow in the body. Let’s use dancing as a positive tool for positive change and heal depression together.

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2 Comments on Dancing Salsa Can Heal Depression

  1. I struggle with depression and I go to a salsa class. I find it can help a lot, depends on the teacher though, if they’re a good teacher, they will encourage you. If you get a bad teacher who pulls you down when you don’t get the steps right away then that doesn’t help with depression. I find Salsa Dancing alleviates depression but it doesn’t cure it even if you go regularly so the title of this article is misleading. However it’s a good article.

    • Hi Janet,I’m pleased that you find salsa dancing can help your depression too. How sad that you’ve experienced bad teachers who do that. Apart from being utterly rude, it’s also no way to behave as a teacher. I hope most of your teachers are great ones. PS The title says that salsa CAN heal depression, not that it definitely will. 🙂

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