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How to Get Fab Salsa Dances on Holiday

Salsa HolidaysYou were so excited about fitting in a little Salsa dancing whilst on holiday Did you think that it was going to be absolutely fab and that you’d be in your element? Then reality struck! You know absolutely no-one. So your chance of decent dances is pretty close to zilch.  But don’t lose heart.

With just four simple Salsa Hacker tips you have the power to turn a disappointing night into one to remember.

Here’s how to get fab Salsa dances on holiday.

#1 Dancer Spotting

Always fancied being a spy? Now’s your chance. First of all, look around for the place where you have the best view of all of the dancers and get yourself there. It might be at the edge of the dance-floor or a raised area nearby. Next simply pick your next dance! There’s bound to be someone who looks like they’d be the perfect dance for you.Just wait until the next song begins and then dash over and ask them to dance.This is no time to be a wallflower, so be brave. It will be worth it. This also has a great knock-on effect. People will see you dance, realise that you’re a lovely surprise and want to ask you next. At least that’s what we hope. If there is no-one that takes your fancy, widen the lens a little, be less picky and go out looking for fun.

#2 Location, Location, Location

It’s all about where you are and where you ‘hang out’.  Dancers are creatures of habit and they usually gather in ‘flocks’ . They have a particular spot in the room where they prefer to hang out, chat and have a little breather. This is often according to the style that they dance and sometimes their level of experience too. All you need to do is find the one that best suitsyou and and get yourself there!

#3 Body Language Counts

Are you unconsciously telling the room not to bother asking you? Is your whole body language shouting ‘STAY AWAY I BITE!’ or something equally unfriendly? Don’t bet on getting any dances like that, at least not the decent ones. Get those arms uncrossed, stop leaning lazily on something and try to look like you actually want to dance. Get that smile on your face or maybe even move a little to the music. Once you’re on the dancefloor, try to smile and exchange a few words with your partner. Dancers are very friendly people so if you perhaps even mention that you’re not a local, you will be introduced to lots of lovely new dancers. Brilliant!

#4 Words of Wisdom (or kindness)

Are you going to a far-off tropical (or not so tropical) place and you’re hoping to go dancing? Wow lucky you! One thing that will really make a difference is simply the ability to speak a little of the lingo. Don’t worry- I’m not asking you to become fluent overnight. All you need is a few well-placed words.  A simple “Dance?” with the right expression is often all you need.  You’ll get extra brownie points for “friendly foreigner effort” too and that’s bound to win dances! Or failing that, mime can work wonders.


Are you looking forward to the experience again? You should be! There’s nothing like going to a new venue and having the night of your life. Everyone loves ‘fresh blood’ and new dancers are a dream come true. This is because each person brings something unique to the dance-floor which means a whole new combination of chemistry and skill- exciting!!


Now it’s time for you to join in with the discussion.  What tips could you offer anyone looking for dances in a new place? Tell us your favourite Salsa holiday memory. Get it all in the comments below.

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