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Salsa Celebrities: César Pacheco interview

cesar pacheco cachacahWith multiple dance styles, talents and an enthusiasm for life, he’s the teacher who’s been charming the salseras and inspiring the salseros of the UK for many years now. César Pacheco Cachacha talks to us today about what makes an awesome salsero and why wheels are simply the best!

First things first! Tell us your name and what you do in the world of UK Salsa.

My name is César Pacheco and I’m a dance teacher, performer, animator and many more other things. I’m currently in London.

For how long have you been teaching and inspiring the Salsa dancers of the UK?

I came to the UK in 2006 and started to teach almost immediately. Of course, before that I was teaching in Cuba, as far back as 1998. In Cuba I used to teach on television and also in well-known venues such as The National Cabaret, National Hotel, Ballet Americas, both Casa de la Musica, La maison, Macumba Habana and many other places. My time teaching in Cuba was brilliant and it really taught me how to be an entertainer. I have so many super exciting memories from that time!

Tell us a little bit about your background- are you a trained dancer?

I didn’t attend a formal school but learned ‘en la calle’ through my own studies and observations. Then I added a little essential pro training such as contemporary dance technique and here we are!

cesar 1What advice would you give people just learning to dance Salsa?

All you need to worry about in the beginning is learning the basic steps and where to place them in the music  The rest can be easily taught to everyone. But the most important part of  learning to dance is listening  to the music and that can be a big problem for beginners. Communication with the music is essential.

Is that the most challenging part of  learning to dance Salsa; finding the rhythm?

It’s can be a huge problem for some and for others not all at. It’s something that is vitally important so it’s well worth dedicating some time to work on it if you are finding it challenging. Co-ordination can also be a challenge but is also easily fixed!

What do you think makes an awesome salsero?

First of all, I’d like to say that anyone can learn to dance well. If you are unafraid of expressing yourself with your body then I think it will be a lot easier to become an awesome salsero. You only need to be able to find your passion whatever that is and express that passion when you dance. You just can’t be inhibited. Be the real you, the authentic version of you and you will be great!

When you are not dancing or teaching, what do you like to do?

I‘m a very busy boy! I love to sing, produce music, song write and also rollerskate!

Yes! I remember a video of you dancing on skates!

Ha ha ha! yes I skate everywhere through London!  I have been skating since I was about 3 years old and it’s great I I love the fact that people can actually go around on wheels! Balance is an important skill to maintain, especially for me. I also like photography !! I think every human has their own unique way of seeing the world.

Here’s the video of César dancing on rollerskates :-):

Do you like to listen to Salsa music at home?

Actually, I don’t listen to Salsa unless I am dancing or preparing for a special event. That way, I find it twice as exciting when I do get to dance! My head feels fresh and I can really enjoy it. I do love to listen to other music through and I have loads of different tastes which depend on how I’m feeling at that moment. I have loads of different tastes from chillout, to classical, pop and Jazz.

Why are you special? What is unique about you?

I’m 100% authentic and the best version of me possible.  I absolutely love life so this great condition of being human! Que viva la vida !

What can we expect from you over the coming year?

I’m very much looking forward to the future- feeling very excited about it. I can’t wait to see how all my skills, experience and personality will develop and take me down new paths in my life.

Thank you so much César for being with us today and sharing a little of your passion for Salsa and life!

If you´d like to get in touch with César Pacheco Cachacha, check out his page on Facebook or listen to some of the music he´s making (not salsa but still brilliant) see MySpace, or SoundCloud.
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