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Why Salsa is so Amazing for Your Health

Salsa dancing is an insane amount of fun. What better way to spend the evening than surrounded by wonderful people who share your interests and passions, expressing yourself to music that is rhythmic, addictive and wonderful?

However, you might have noticed that Salsa is more than just fun- it’s amazingly brilliant for your entire body. And the best thing is that it doesn’t even feel like exercise. I was stunned when I realised why Salsa is so amazing for my health, and you will be too. Let’s read on to find out what positive effects it can have.

Salsa Helps you Look Amazing

Excess weight just falls off

Weight loss is something of great importance to some and Salsa doesn’t disappoint. Dancing Salsa is a fantastic way to burn off those excess calories and lose a little weight so that you can really look your best. It burns between 300 and 600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the workout or the speed of the track. Once you go beyond the beginners stage and really start throwing yourself on the dance-floor,  you can survive those faster tracks and really bump up that calorie consumption.

It’s easy to tone up that tush

Salsa is a great way to tone up your body and even discover muscles that you never even knew existed. Your waistline effortlessly becomes sculpted, your bottom lifted, your hips smoothed, your underarms and your calves tightened, the whole shebang! Better still, dancing Salsa exercises all of the major muscle groups, including your heart so you get a great cardio workout to boot.

Salsa Helps You Feel Good

Let Go of that Stress

Indulging in a hobby is taking a little ‘me’ time away from the daily grind which is a great stress reliever. Salsa really gets those happy hormones flowing which makes you feel simply incredible, so if you ask me, it should be your hobby of choice!

It helps with Depression and SAD

As Salsa is so good with those happy hormones, it’s also brilliant for helping to lift depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies have shown that a small amount of exercise during the week has the impressive ability to help lift depression. Don’t forget that Salsa is not just exercise- it’s even better than that! It’s exercise (and fun) in a social environment. This means you also make lots of new friends, and widens your social circle which can help with things associated with depression and SAD such as loneliness and social anxiety.

Salsa also boosts your self esteem- which is an important factor in low mood disorders. the very fact that you are taking up a new hobby works wonders in itself. Once you achieve things that were once so difficult, your self esteem gets a little vital boost that can make all of the difference to not only how you feel about yourself, but also your life as a whole.

A great many people have turned to dancing or learning Salsa when they are going through a difficult period in their lives and it has really helped, I promise.

Wow, you look so young!

It’s great for your circulation

Have you ever noticed how young Salseros look? It’s down to a few wonderful ‘side-effects’ of dancing Salsa. First of all, Salsa is great for your circulation as it gets the blood really pumping around your body, even if you are taking it easy. It also helps blood to flow efficiently around your brain, keeping that vital part of your in tip top shape. Your heart and lungs also get a great workout. This is a great foundation to keeping yourself looking youthful.

It’s great for bones and joints

Salsa is a weight-bearing activity which helps keep your bone density at in a healthy state. Not only this- you are using your entire body and using your joints which helps to keep them lubricated and working well. No old-person’s knees and hips thank you!

It improves flexibility, agility, balance and coordination

When you are using your body instead of sitting at home in front of another episode of Eastenders, everything begins to streamline and develop and you become much be more flexible and agile. You will master turns and maybe spins which will really focus your balance skills. And you will be getting plenty of practice at moving your arms and legs and being completely in control of it all. This will ensure your coordination is amazing- a true sign of a youthful individual.

Salsa makes you sexy and clever

It improves cognitive health

Believe it or not, but getting your fix of Salsa is actually having some amazing effects on your future health. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing regularly is the top way to keep Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other age-related illnesses at bay. Combine the effects that salsa has on your body, your social life and your cognitive abilities and salsa is a winner!

Improves your sexual performance

All of that wiggling on the dance-floor (sorry, I had to say it) makes for lots of wiggling in the bedroom? Yes you’re right. As a fit, toned, strong, flexible, co-ordinated person with an awesome social life, you are ‘the bomb’ as they say.

Salsa is brilliant for your body, mind and soul. Dancing regularly helps you to lose weight, tone up, shake off that depression, low mood or SAD, improve your self esteem, relieves stress, improves your circulation, is insanely anti-aging, makes you a sex god or godess and even helps keep dementia and stuff at bay for when you get older. What’s not to love about dancing Salsa? And the best thing of all is that it’s lots and lots of fun!

Happy dancing!

Now it’s over to you. Have you found some amazing health benefits that Salsa offers? Any surprise side effects to your life when you started to dance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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