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10 Salsa Albums that Everyone Should Own

Are you looking to start your own Salsa music collection but you have absolutely no idea where to start?

You want to get your mitts on something that you can really enjoy, something that will inspire you to dance, and most importantly of all, something that’s great to listen to.If you’re not looking for the stuff Salsa music collectors and musicologists love, nor the retro classics then our article today will be simply perfect for you.

We’ve gathered our 10 Salsa Albums that we believe everyone should own. You’ll probably disagree with our selection, but that’s what makes it so much fun! In our list, expect highly danceable and listenable Salsa tracks that you will love. They’re in no particular order and come from from several ‘genres’ of Salsa to keep everyone happy and most importantly keep everyone dancing.

1) Marc Anthony: Valió La Pena (2004)

Of course you know this track! Even though he’s considered to be Salsa-Pop and even looked down upon by some, it’s impossible to deny that he fulls the dance-floor and gets people singing. Here’s the title track ‘Valió La Pena´

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2) Alexander Abreu & Havana D’Primera: Pasaporte (2013)

Alexander Abreu & Havana D´Primera have taken the Salsa world by storm over the past 5 years. Here´s ´Carita de Pasaporte´taken from the album.

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3) Los Van Van: Llego Van Van (1999)

This is the classic release from LVV (also featuring in our rundown of the 10 best Cuban Albums ever) The track below, taken from the album is probably one of my favourite tracks of all time. It´s ´La Bomba Soy Yo´with Mayito Rivera on the vocals.

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4) Bloque 53- Tumba Puchunga (2012)

This Barcelona-based band is simply hot!

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5) El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: 50 Años de Historia

What can I say about El Gran Combo? They’re classic and you’re bound to love the relative simplicity of their music. This release is a huge collection of their top tracks.

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6) Issac Delgado: Supercubano (2011)

Issac Delgado is one of the legends of Cuban music. Here’s the brilliant track ‘Salsa, Timba and Amor’ taken from his most recent album Supercubano.

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7) Sonora Carruseles: Heavy Salsa (1999)

No party would be complete without the Sonora Carruseles. Here’s the most memorable track that you’re bound to already know very well ‘Micaela’.

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8) Luis Enrique- Ciclos (2009)

He started his career in 1987 and played a huge role in the early salsa romantica scene. Click here for one of the oldies. Here’s the more recent dance-floor filler ‘Yo No Se Manana’

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9) Fruko y Sus Tesos- Greatest Hits

According to Wikipedia, the track below ‘El Preso’ is one of Colombia’s favourite songs! Beat that for an intro!

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10) Juan Luis Guerra- Bachata Rosa (1990)

OK, so it’s not technically a Salsa album but I’ve yet to find a Salsero who doesn’t own at least one JLG track! His music is utterly beautiful, romantic and tropical and a must-have. Below is a live version of the title track ‘Bachata Rosa’ Hope you love it too.

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So that’s all folks. We’ve rounded up the 10 Salsa albums that we believe that everyone should own. There’s been a little from all styles of Salsa to keep everyone happy (and even a little JLG when we could get away with it!) Hope you love the albums and the tasters as much as we do. Until next time!

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What albums would you include on your own list? Do you even have a favourite album of all time? Share it all in the comments below.

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2 Comments on 10 Salsa Albums that Everyone Should Own

  1. Any by LA33, Salsa Celtica, La Excelencia, Any Salsa Dura basically

  2. Your list is quite nice and with varied styles of Salsa! I think I would add music from Mayimbe, Tito Puente, Ray Barretto for sure!!

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