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How to Learn Salsa Online (and supercharge your skills)

Have you ever tried to learn Salsa online and completely utterly failed? You became demotivated, didn’t like what you were learning and didn’t actually know how to dance as a result. You tossed ‘learning to dance salsa’ into your ‘someday’ pile and sat down for another night in front of the telly. Are you really willing to give up that easily?

There are just a few simple things you can do that will change your experience of learning to dance Salsa online from an utter failure into a life-changing triumph. Here’s how to learn Salsa Online and supercharge your skills in the process!

Discover your style

There are several types of Salsa that each look differently, have different types of movement and turn patterns and most importantly FEEL different when danced. It’s best to find which one you prefer before you begin. Personally, I love the feel of Cuban Salsa (Casino) when danced- I love the momentum that the circles create and I love the …….Colombian or Cross body Salsa just doesn’t hit the spot for me. But it may do for you. See my article Main Style of Salsa Dancing for more info

Your three main styles of Salsa dancing are Cuban, Cross-body and Colombian (although there are others.) Take a look at these videos for a little sample.

Cuban Salsa

Cross-Body Salsa

Colombian Salsa


Find your classes

Where are you going to learn? Do you already know of an online Salsa class or are you still looking? Here are a few of the popular ones:

Supplement with sessions in person

You may decide that you’d prefer Salsa classes in person, and would benefit from the social aspect, the teacher attention, and the atmosphere of the class. This doesn’t mean you have to take a whole course- it’s completely possible to supplement learning Salsa online with group sessions in your local Salsa class.  It’s a good idea find out which level class you need to attend. Simple ask the class teacher before you go. As a general guide, Beginners classes tend to concentrate on the basic steps, Improvers are next, and then Intermediate level. Advanced classes are usually at a high level so be sure you are experienced before you go.

With the money you saved by learning Salsa online, you may even be able to afford a private lesson with the teacher of your choice. Have a look at our Salsa Class listings to find your local class teacher and contact them directly.

Keep on dancing!

The best way to learn to dance Salsa quickly and effectively is to keep on dancing. When you are cooking, when you hoover, when you are waiting for the kettle to boil, when you are brushing your teeth get dancing! This has the potential to take your dancing to the next level as it will allow the basics to become automatic and almost be second nature . Your body will also develop muscle memory which almost makes the process unconscious and frees up your conscious brain for important things like “Where the hell is this turn pattern taking me?” “Is she following or leading??” or “Who is that cutie??“…you get the idea!

Go out dancing

Are you ready for the ultimate tip? Here it is: simply get yourself out dancing! Find a place to go by looking at our Salsa Party Nights listings,  get your glad rags on and go. Just by doing this, you become a real authentic Salsa dancer. After all, if you hide away and never dance in the real world, you are not a Salsa dancer, not really.   Yes, I know it can be scary, but there are ways to beat fear  and live your life.  Have a look at this article.

Salsa Congresses & Festivals are an absolutely fantastic place to go if you want to supercharge your dancing. Ever heard about them? You get an entire weekend or even a week of pure Salsa dancing fun, with brilliant Salsa workshops from the elite in the Salsa Dancing scene, great music and dancing almost until daybreak. Can you take the pace??

Find and connect to your tribe

It’s difficult to learn anything on your own which is why it’s great to connect with other dancers. You can do this virtually by joining the Salsa Hackers tribe on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or do it old-style. Just get chatting to the people that you are dancing with and you will soon build a group of Salsa buddies with whom you can point out great dancers, share tips, and go to fab Salsa events with.



So now it’s over to you. Did you learn to dance Salsa online? What benefits or challenges did you face? And what advice can you offer people learning to dance Salsa online today? Let us know in the comments below. 

Image © Brendan Lally

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