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Learn to Dance Reggaeton: A Crash Course

***Disclaimer: Online videos or tutorials are not a replacement for real life classes***

Have you ever been for a night out Salsa dancing when the music shifts momentarily to reggaeton and the floor fills with the most amazing ‘reggaetoneros‘? Did your jaw drop to the floor though you tried to conceal it and you pretended to be indifferent whilst secretly wishing you could move your body in such an incredibly funky, sexy way too?

If you have been to Latin America (especially Cuba) at some point during the last decade, you will realise to what extent reggaeton is taking over the airwaves. Those guys really love reggaeton. It’s their new mainstream, the voice of the streets and I bet you will secretly love it too.

If you actually learn to dance reggaeton, even if it’s just a tiny bit, it will take you from hiding yourself nervously on the sidelines to the middle of all of the action. You won’t miss out on all that fun, and you will really be able to let your hair down. Besides, a knowledge of reggaeton usually turns out to be pretty useful at the end of a night when you have had one too many Cuba Libres….

First I’ll dig out the best tutorial videos around. Next, I’ll share with you some places to find out more essential reggaeton info (history, music, reggaeton scenes, etc). Last of all, I’ll help you out with the next step- either buy full Learn Reggaeton DVDs or head to your local reggaeton class. Right, let’s get started. Are you ready to learn reggaeton?

Learn Reggaeton Online

There are some great reggaeton videos online that will really help us to get a grip on some basic reggaeton dance moves from the comfort of our own homes.


To get started we have some micro-lessons from very lovely Henri Velandia and Ashlé Dawson. They are really down-to-earth people who break it down and explain it all very very clearly. They give a great base for complete beginners to build on. Go on- draw the curtains if you have to and give it a go.

Body Waves

Advanced Body Waves

Lower Body Isolations

Getting Low

Easy Partner Moves


Next we have a micro-reggaeton class from Jorge Camaguey. It’s Cuba-style reggaeton and it’s for those who are feeling a little braver and don’t want extra chat to slow down the learning process. First of all there is a brief interview followed by the reggaeton ‘class’. Be warned- it’s all in Spanish and he doesn’t break the moves down. Still, it’s great fun. (Head to 3.12 to skip straight to the class.)


Finally we have a video that will be great inspiration! If you’ve never seen real, authentic Cuban reggaeton (cubaton) then prepare to be wowed. The lovely Cuquita gives us a stunning performance with a few words of direction to help us out. Can you keep up with her?

About Reggaeton

Are you curious to know a little bit more about reggaeton? Check out the fantastic page on Wikipedia for information about its origin and evolution, about the music and about individual reggaeton scenes in Puerto Rico, Panama, Cuba, the US and Europe.

Also take a look at the Reggaeton In Cuba website. The site looks a little unloved but all the same, gives you a pretty decent grounding in all that essential reggaeton stuff, from a description, to origins, to reggaeton music and even points you in the direction of some great reggaeton classes in Havana, should really fall in love with it.

For a little snapshot into reggaeton music, the LA Weekly have a great article named ’10 Best Reggaeton Songs of the Past Decade‘ (with YouTube clips) which does what it says on the tin.

Reggaeton Products

Now, does that feel a little bit better? There’s no excuse not to swot up on your reggaeton if you really want to. Of course, if you are happy sitting at the sidelines then carry on doing it. Reggaeton isn’t for everyone.  But it is lots of fun so I suggest you try. If you’re feeling really inspired, check out our Salsa class listings to find your local reggaeton class. Happy Dancing!

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  1. Paul (SalsaDiablo) // September 20, 2014 at 8:53 am // Reply

    Xlent – Seen some bits n pieces on Zumba videos – Will be studying these with great interest as a number of Salsa tracks have Reggaetton breaks in now, so good to be able to do something legit.
    OK if I add them to my blog ?

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