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Want to Improve Your Salsa in 5 seconds? Here’s how…

Have you ever wished that you could wave a magic wand upon your dancing and take your dancing to a whole new level and fast?

Looking for shortcuts that are more than just hype? Then today’s post is just for you.

Whether you are a brand new dancer, a seasoned expert or simply ‘Salsa curious’, we can guarantee that what we are about to share with you today will change the way you dance forever. Are you ready? Here’s how to improve your Salsa in 5 seconds flat!


First, you’ll need to discover and nurture that inner confidence for instant Salsa success. We all know that lack of confidence is one of the most monumental barriers to success, and no-one on the planet is immune. We’ve also all experienced it to varying degrees, and in many areas of our lives. It destroys motivation, batters self-esteems and sadly blocks many hopes of conquering our dreams. You’ve experienced this for yourself, haven’t you?

Yet all that differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people is CONFIDENCE. Successful people are no better than you. Successful people aren’t luckier than you. What successful people are is CONFIDENT in their own abilities. This is what makes the difference. This is what is key.

You can do it too.

Believe in your abilities, stop comparing yourself to other people and most importantly, love yourself a little bit more. You too can be the person who simply shines when they enter a room, you too can glisten on the dance-floor if you just let yourself shine.


Secondly, you’re going to need to focus if you want to make a difference to your dancing. I’m not talking about focusing with determination on your target, concentrating in class, or anything of that sort. No. I want you to focus on now.

salsa performanceBefore you go out dancing, clear your mind of any worry, concern or other preoccupation which is taking up your brain space. It will all be there waiting for you later, if you want it to be. Forget the shopping list, or the nasty colleague at work, or your difficult relationship, and simply be present in the moment. Enjoy the experience of learning to dance. Think only about your body, your movement, the music and your partner.

When you are present, you give your brain ‘time off’ which makes you happier but also boosts your enjoyment of life, and of course, your dancing too.


The next step is turning on those listening ears. By this point you should be confident and present too, so it should be really simple to tune in to what is going on around you, such as the room, the people and most importantly, the music.

You’ve heard it time and time again, and I’m going to tell you again now; If you ever want to get beyond improvers beginners level, you’re really going to have to listen to the music. And dance to it. Preferably in time if you can manage that too. Music is your playground and dance is your game. You cannot have one without the other.

But there is also something else you absolutely MUST listen do. Fancy guessing? It’s your partner. You and your partner are a team- you’re in it together and you are sharing this experience. So be sensitive to one another, listen to one another, enjoy the shared experience of dancing together. The difference to your dancing will be astounding.


There is (almost) nothing worse than dancing with a stiff, robotic partner. Not only does it look robotic, stupid and very non-Salsa, but it can also hurt. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been yanked around by stiff, tense dancers. We all get tense from time to time, but fix it and you will instantly look fab.

So relax! Check those shoulders- are they up around your ears? Drop them. Breathe. Relax those arms. You don’t need stiff arms to dance, you just need a comfortable amount of tension. Check your posture. If there is any part of you that isn’t nicely relaxed, you won’t look good at all. Another great instant fix.


This is my favourite quick fix of them all. Not only will it improve your dancing, they’ll also be breaking down your door for dances.

I want you to enjoy your dancing!

Don’t take it too seriously, remember why you started dancing in the first place and most of all, enjoy the fun of doing something you love in the company of great people.

All you need is 5 seconds and you too can improve your Salsa dancing beyond recognition. You need to grasp hold of your confidence, focus and be present in the wonderful moment, listen to the music and your partner, relax your body and best of all, enjoy dancing! Try it out for yourself and see what difference it makes you your dancing in the blink of an eye.

Until next time…

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 Images: Lida, Ted E Green 

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