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Secret Fixes for Salsa Dancing Nightmares: Sweat, Clothes, Make-Up and Shoes

Have you ever really pushed the boat out and taken hours to get ready for a night out?

You’d taken your time, perhaps poured yourself a drink or two and probably invited friends over too. You laughed together, chosen your most fabulously flattering clothes, selected your sparkliest dancing shoes and allowed your beauty to shine through.

Then  you arrive, stride confidently onto the dance-floor feeling like a newborn goddess with your head held high in the air, throw your heart and soul into your dancing…

…and then limp off the dance-floor as a disheveled wreck; dripping in sweat, make up running in streams down your face, boobs leaping from the comfort of your bra…You get the picture. It’s sooo embarrassing and I can think of almost nothing worse…

Yet over the years, my Salsa girlfriends and I discovered some great little tricks and tips that I’d love to share with you today. I hope they make a huge difference for you as they did for us.

Clothes for Salsa Dancing

Can you dance in your clothes? You may laugh at my question, but it’s kind of vital information if you want to go out on a night dancing. So many people forget to check, and so many people end up wishing they’d taken a few seconds to find out. Can you move/spin/turn in your clothes? Run through a few turn patterns, get those arms above your head just to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises awaiting you. Here’s a mini-checklist for you:

  • Does your top slide down revealing your bra? Do your straps fall off your shoulders? Is there any other rebellious clothing that needs sorting out? The secret trick is: Safety pins! You can use them discretely to attach layers of fabric to each other so you won’t end up flashing whilst you’re dancing.
  • How about the skirt (if you’re wearing one)? Is it likely to get out of control and tangled? A little movement is great and can look flattering and brilliant when you are dancing but you need to be careful. Do you flash your knickers when you spin?
  • WARNING!!! Never ever ever wear white underwear. It might not seem to matter when you’re in the comfort of your own home, but they can be a huge source of embarrassment. Why? Because under fluorescent lighting your underwear will become fluorescent too,and glow nicely through your outer clothing for the whole wide world to see. Besides, pretty colourful (or black) underwear is much more fun!


Don’t forget that you will get hot, sweaty and red in the face when dancing so always dress for the topics- even if there’s a blizzard outside. Just don’t forget to pile the layers on top between home and venue if it’s chilly out there!


Sweat is something you will have to deal with. It can be gloriously euphoric to end an amazing dance a little sweaty. After all, means you’ve been really in ‘the zone’. If it bothers you, just take a trip to the bathroom to freshen up, maybe splash a little with water, mop with paper towels, or grab that small towel you brought with you from home. It’s easily solved. Many Salseros and Salseras also bring a change of clothes and some extra deodorant just in case.


A word of warning: sweat does nasty things to your wonderful make up, so be prepared to battle those panda eyes. Your best plan of attack is to swap your regular items for waterproof versions, even if it’s just your mascara. Many people also swear by make-up setting sprays. Some of my friends swear this one works miracles.

Of course, if you’re dancing and sweating then your hair is going to suffer too. Put your hair up if you want or pin your fringe back to keep sweaty hair from sticking to your face. You could also try an anti-static hairspray like this one

N.B: If you’re the proud owner of a long luscious mane of hair, check where it hangs when you turn. No face whipping please!

Can You Dance In Your Shoes?

Uncomfortable shoes

No one want to be limping with the rest of the night ahead of them. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, and worn in a little. For emergencies or marathon sessions, chuck some plasters into your dance bag or pamper your feet with some Party Feet Gel Cushions

Sticky or slippery shoes

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a club and just. Not. Being. Able. To. Move. Or finding yourself skidding around as if you were on an ice rink. Wheeeeee!

The best fix is to buy different shoes; either amazingly attractive dance shoes or just regular shoes with a flat sole. But if you’re shoes are fab but the dance-floor is not, there are a couple of things to try. The general consensus is that a little masking tape on the bottom of your shoe can work wonders for both sticky and slippery floor . That is if you don’t mind taking it along in your dance bag. Other say talc/cornflour is the solution to stickiness. If you try this suggestion, make sure you dust it in a corner away from the dance-floor then step into it.

Guard Your Jewels

Jewellery looks amazing and can put the finishing ‘je ne sais quoi’ on an outfit. However, when Salsa dancing, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t pose a hazard to either you or your partner. Sound exaggerated? Not at all.

Bracelets (especially bangles) can get in your way when trying to dance. Don’t forget, your partner will need to hold your wrists at times in order to lead you so don’t let obstacles get in the way. Beaded bracelets also have the habit of getting caught and broken- scattering everywhere. Check the fastening of your bracelet or watch too- some have a habit of opening when you spin or turn. You have been warned.

Earrings and rings many seem reasonably safe but actually have their own dangers. I’ve always been a fan of big hoops, but was always super aware of the potential for them to get caught and rip out (ouch!) I just made sure they would unfasten if pulled, instead of causing bloody nastiness! They can also fall off so beware.

Rings can scratch. As can long fingernails.  Be careful!

Where Do Your Put Your Stuff?

Your favourite bag is perfect for a night out, so grab your best and get out dancing! Speaking from experience, I’d strongly advise you to never ever leave your bag unattended. Spend an extra 50p or so and pop it into the cloakroom or keep your valuables on you. I’m a huge fan of pockets for their ability to stash away valuables. If you’re a pocket-less wonder, invest in a wrist purse. They’re very small, a really handy way to stash some cash, and can also fit on your ankle or attach to a belt.

So there you have some secret fixes for Salsa dancing nightmares. You just need to do ‘the spin test’, throw some safety pins in your bag, get hold of some waterproof make up and you’re almost sorted. Apologies to all of you men for a more female-centered article this week. Just be thankful that you have it relatively easy in comparison!

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Do you have any secret tips of your own to share? Anything to suggest for the men out there? Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

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  1. I like these tips that were given. I am usually looking for a shoe that is beautiful. I would not focus on the fashion. I would love to have a shoe that is very comfortable.

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