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Why Your Excuses Not To Learn Salsa Are Rubbish

You wouldn’t be seen dead dancing Salsa.

It’s definitely not your scene and you’re never going near a Salsa class. It’s full of hips and sleeze and it’and the music is just confusing. No, thank you!

At least that’s your official line.

The truth is, you’d actually quite fancy giving it a go, but there are a couple of things things preventing you from trying. So you come up with a whole host of reasons excuses not to. From a lack rhythm, to two left feet and even to disability, we’ve heard it all before. The truth is that you’re probably just a little scared.

Today, let’s look at your top excuses and knock them on the head so you can be brave enough to learn to dance, shall we?

I have no rhythm

Do you really think any of us are going to believe that? You have a heart that beats don’t you? Then you have rhythm. You may be a little afraid of it, afraid of yourself perhaps or maybe in denial. I guarantee it’s there. Trust me.

I feel stupid

As if that’s ever stopped you doing anything before! And especially when it’s something amazing, fun and funky. You won’t be the only person to feel a little awkward when starting something new. Give that fear a kick in the bum and tell it to get lost.

I can’t wiggle my hips like that…

OK, here’s a reality check: Salsa dancers don’t actually go around wiggling their hips like mad at every opportunity! Anything you’ve ever seen in the media is completely exaggerated. I could get all technical and tell you that any hip movement comes from the transferral of body weight but there’s plenty of time to talk about that later…Let’s just say that wiggles aren’t any kind of excuse. Really.

I’ve got two left feet

Hehehe! Then you must look really really silly! How do you get shoes that fit? And socks must be a nightmare. Seriously, you have a left foot and a right one (and the rest of the body to match hopefully) and also the brain circuitry to make it all work when you want to. Relax, you’ll be fine.

Real men don’t dance

Actually, real men DO dance. They’re confident, happy with their sexuality (whatever that may be) and they don’t fall into the British trap of equating dancing with only women.  Just take a look at Cuban men and then attempt to claim that they don’t ooze masculinity. Besides, women love a man that can hold a beat, use their bodies and be confident enough to try. Have I convinced you yet?

I don’t know what to wear

Right,I’d better tell you then. Dress to feel good, be comfy if that’s what you’re into or dressy if not. Another no-brainer moment here: make sure you can actually move your body. That’s what you need to do in a dance class. Dance, that is.

I’m being dragged along, I don’t really want to

I’ve lost count of the number of people that have been ‘dragged along’ to a dance class and ended being the addicted-7-nights-a-week kind of salsero. You have been warned!

Besides, you are on this site aren’t you? And you are actually thinking about it?…I rest my case.

No-one will come with me (insert sobs and violins)

Then you will be the lucky person to have a whole new group of friends! This little ‘problem’ could have stopped me too but I thought “stuff ‘em” and went dancing merrily on my way.

I’ve only got one arm…

One of my favourite dancers was a guy with one arm. He rocked! It never stopped him and it shouldn’t stop you either. If you still need a little convincing, read our post about Michael Ault– the deaf Salsero.

You might think that you’d best avoid Salsa classes as you have two left feet, no rhythm, no desire, no wiggles and no Salsa-y clothes but you’d be completely wrong. That’s just fear doing the talking. Don’t worry- it’s 100% normal to be afraid of something new and Salsa is no exception. Once you face it and go to that first lesson, you will find that your life will change in ways you’d never expect.  I don’t want you to miss out. Get out of those slippers and get your dancing shoes on- no excuses!

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Image © Dominic Alves

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