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DJ SalsaDiablo (Paul Dean)- Luton

 The 5 Lesser-Known Salsa Treasures


1. Willy Chirino – Rumbera (CD South Beach)

This is the first track I fell in love with all those years ago. I don’t often hear Chirino when I am out dancing, and certainly not this one any more. So many beautiful melodies in his catalog, and this is no exception, building to a dramatic conclusion. Great for the REAL dancers!

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2. Dan Den – La Chica De Nieve   (CD “Salsa en Atare”) Dan Den – La Chica De Nieve 1998

Less known than many Cuban bands, (Though featured in one of the recent DJ choices). I love this one from 1998. Shame I can’t find a better quality video. Shows that they are a bit neglected.

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3. NG La Banda – La Bruja   (CD “La Bruja”)

Lead by Jose Luis Cortes, who is credited by many as inventing TIMBA. Is anyone other than me playing these guys? The first TIMBA band.

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4. Melocochita- Pegaso ( CD “El Retorno de Melcochita”)

I discovered this guy on an impulse Vinyl purchase originating from the Ivory Coast. He is actually from
Peru, and sings in a Son style with a Peruvian twist. Only made a couple of albums, both quality. He is now better known as a comedian in the Latin world.

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5. Edgar Joel Orquesta (with Anthony Colon)– Hechizo de Luna  (CD Oro Salsero – Edgar Joel & Anthony Colon)

Just to show I CAN do ‘Romantica’. I don’t know what he’s on about but the emotion here really grabs me.
Beautiful, brings tears to my eyes. <sob>

(not currently available to download)

(…OK I’m the SALSADIABLO so I’m going to go that little bit too far, cos that’s what I do, right ?)

6. Truco y Zaperoko – El Cuarto De Tula (CD Truco y Zaperoko Fusion Caribena)

Buena Vista did this song, but not like this !

(not currently available to download)

SalsaDiablo (Paul Dean) is a DJ who plays classic Salsa from a dancer’s perspective. His incredible knowledge of all genres of salsa music and his focus on what the dancer needs and wants means he is always a dancefloor-filler.  Next year he will be celebrating 20 years as a Salsero. He took his first Salsa lesson way back in April 1995, and has been dancing ever since (except for toilet breaks). He has been DJing and teaching Salsa round the South East for the past ten years.

Fore more information, visit the SalsaDiablo website or like his page on Facebook.

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