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DJ Leonel FiestaCubana- France

Top 5 Cuban Salsa Tracks

#1 Alexander Abreu Y Havana D’ Primera La Bailarina

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# 2 : Elito Reve ft Gilberto Santa Rosa- Mueve Pa’ Qui

# 3 El Niño y la Verdad ft El Yonki – Piensalo

(not yet available to download)

#4 Papucho y Manana Club – Papa Formell

#5 Pupy y Los Que Son Son – El Caché

Image Leonel Fiesta cubanaDJ Leonel FiestaCubana is one of the hottest Cuban Salsa DJs in Europe. He’s best known for his interviews with top Cuban stars direct from Havana and his work as a DJ and editor onto the French Cuban Salsa website FiestaCubana.

DJ Leonel aka “El Farandulero Mayor” is one of most prominent promoters of Cuban Music in the recent decade. He is French and has been fond of World Music for more than 30 years, discovering authentic Cuban Music in 1998.

Since then he married a Cuban dancer and he has extensively travelled to Cuba and studied thoroughly all aspect of Cuban Popular Dance Music. Since then he has founded Fiesta Cubana , the French speaking Cuban Music, Dance and Culture website

  • He’s written numerous articles about Cuban Dance Music and published many interviews of Cuba’s most famous Soneros, Salseros and Timberos.
  • He’s lived in Mexico, Miami, Bogota and extensively travlled to Cuba where ehe developed a unique network within the Musician community.
  • In his quest to explore Cuban Music, he’s gathered one of the most extensive collections of CDs covering almost all Timba recording since the late 80s and has also an impressive collection of Son, Rumba and Afro-Cuban Folklore recordings.
  • He become a famous Cuban Dance Music DJ in 2004 when he made his debut in Cannes most famous Latin Night Clubs. Since then he been invited to perform in many night clubs in France and Colombia. He has offered the best and the most recent of Cuban Salsa when he was invited to present the most popular Cuban bands in many Festivals in France where crowds of more than 1000 Salsa dancers gathered.
  • He has also been Radio host of a Salsa Broadcast called FrequenceK y su Salsa for several years in Nice, France.

DJ Leonel can make the audience dance, enjoy and travel thanks to his Music across all regions of Cuba and across all styles of Cuban Popular Dance Music, offering the very best of Cuban Salsa, Timba but also Son, Changui, Rumba and any Afro-Cuban rhythms.