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DJ Jane Salsaldi- Manchester

Salsa Voices

DJ Jane Salsaldi is one of the leading lady Salsa DJs in the UK, with a great thirst for music and a talent for identifying what dancers really want to hear. When we asked her to appear in our DJ Pick and select 5 tracks to share, she found it excruciatingly difficult. So we present to you a special themed DJ Pick for this week, entitled “Voices”. Take it away Jane…

“Voices make or break a song for me. Here’s my choice of amazing Salsa voices. Let’s kick off with the amazing Alexander Abreu- surely the Barry White of Salsa. He’s a big man with a big beautiful voice.

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“Next comes the classic track ‘El Cantante’, penned and sung by Ruben Blades, one of my favourite Salsa artists. You might recognise this track as sung by ‘La Voz’ himself, Hector Lavoe.

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“Then for the ladies, the awesome and dynamic La Lupe, much in the shadow of Celia Cruz but an amazing performer with Eartha Kitt undertones.

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“Next in my list comes one of the smoothest voices, Tito Rodriguez. Like La Lupe he suffered a little from the pressure to singe a few too many of the boleros popular with non Latin audiences at the time. He remains a true great.

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“Finally, although known as primarily as a merengue artist, Juan Luis Guerra can turn out a lovely salsa and what a voice! Enjoy!” 

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And finally…

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Voices of Salsa – Jane Salsaldi – Sept 2014 by Janesalsaldi on Mixcloud