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10 Must-Have Cuban Salsa Albums

If you love Cuban Salsa music,want to get to know it better but don’t have a clue where to start, then we have a treat for you. We’ve gathered together a list of our Top 10 Cuban Salsa albums of all time. They are in no particular order, simply the order in which they came to mind. We feel they give you the best introduction to Cuban Salsa music ever. (Of course there are hundreds if not thousands of albums we could have included…but there is just not enough space. )

Without further ado….Here are our 10 Must-Have Cuban Salsa Albums. Enjoy!


lvv llego1) Los Van Van: Llego…Van Van

 download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


havana d primera pasaporte2) Havana D’Primera: Pasaporte

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


pupy buenagente3) Pupy y Los Que Son Son: El Buenagente

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


manolito hablando4) Manolito y Su Trabuco: Hablando en Serio

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


charanga habanera el charanguero mayor5) Charanga Habanera: Charanguero Mayor

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


elio reve fresquecito6) Elio Reve y Su Charangon: Fresquecito

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


issac delg super7) Issac Delgado: Supercubano

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


Adalberto para8) Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son: Para Bailar Casino

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


bamboleo ya no hace falta9) Bamboleo: Ya No Hace Falta

download from itunes or download from AmazonUK


klimax nadie10) Klimax : Nadie Se Parece A Ti

download from itunes


As ever, it’s time for you to have your say. What would you include in a list of 10 Must-Have Cuban Salsa albums? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 Comments on 10 Must-Have Cuban Salsa Albums

  1. Some other artists to investigate :-

    Paulito FG – “Con la Conciencia Tranquila”
    Manolin – “Para mi Gente”
    Carlos Manuel – “Por la Vena el Gusto”
    Dan Den – “Salsa en Atare”
    NG la Banda – “La Bruja”
    Yumuri y sus Hermanos – “Olvidame … si puedes”
    Orishas – “A lo Cubano”
    Willy Chirino (Cuban/Miami) – “Oxigeno”

  2. Any albums from the above artists are well worth having. I chose these particular albums, as having the most DJ-able tracks on them (personal taste of course). Therefore they would all vie for a position in my top ten on that basis.

    My los VanVan of choice would be “Te pone la Cabeza Mala” – also containing my all-time fave (title track).

    My Charanga Habanera choice would be “Esta es mi Charanga”.

    All a bit TIMBA-land – so maybe some Son/Old School for the more mellow moments ?
    Our Buenavista friends (Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Cachao), AfroCuban All-Stars, Polo Montanez, Sierra Maestra, Orq Manzanillo, La Familia Valera Miranda, Orq Aragon.

    For a bit of fun might want to check out the band “Vocal Sampling” on Youtube where a group of guys produce a salsa band vocally (human salsa-box).

    Ok I hogged your page a bit here – but hope to save some people from buying disappointing music, (of which there is plenty unfortunately).

    • Haha you haven’t hogged it at all Paul! Some great albums on the list. You’re right, Vocal Sampling are great fun and very talented too. People must be so skilled (and a little crazy too!) to do the whole human beat-box thing.
      In compiling this list, I found that I wanted to include so many more than just the 10- it was a definite exercise in willpower! x

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