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Who Fancies Some Christmas Salsa Music?

Want to bring a little Salsa to your Christmas? Or Christmas to your Salsa parties? There’s a ton of great Christmas Salsa music out there for you to enjoy! Yippee. We’ve gathered our favourites together for you to enjoy over the festive season. If you don’t see a  track that you adore, please let us know in the comments below ...[Read more]

10 Salsa Albums that Everyone Should Own

Are you looking to start your own Salsa music collection but you have absolutely no idea where to start? You want to get your mitts on something that you can really enjoy, something that will inspire you to dance, and most importantly of all, something that’s great to listen to.If you’re not looking for the stuff Salsa music ...[Read more]

Should You Ever Refuse A Dance?

You’re wiping the tiny beads of sweat from your brow and taking a short swig of water from your bottle. Then you feel a light tap on your shoulder. With a smile, you turn your head to see who it is, and who is before you but your dreaded stalker; the person that can barely dance a step, has zero rhythm and worst of all has octopus hands that ...[Read more]

10 Awesome Gifts for a Salsa Dancer

It’s that time of year again. *Sigh* And if you’re anything like me you’ll be racking your brains, trying desperately to think of something unique to give. Most presents are duds and end up in the bin, charity shop or ‘forgotten’ in the back of the cupboard.. But you want to do even better this year. This year you ...[Read more]

11 Reasons Why Salsa is Too Dangerous

Are you a Salsa dancer? Do you know the hidden dangers of this seemingly innocuous activity? Take it from me, Salsa is a dangerous thing to be getting mixed up with and it’s best avoided. There are so many risks and hazards that may challenge even the strongest of us. Besides, you’re probably comfortable living your routine life, safe in the ...[Read more]

Become a Rueda de Casino Dancer in 10 Easy Steps

Let me take you back in time to when I was just beginning to learn to dance salsa. I’d rocked up to my regular class, feeling pretty comfortable after a few lessons and felt confident about what lay ahead. This dancing business wasn’t too bad after all. I knew what to expect and I absolutely loved it. However, my salsa teachers had other ...[Read more]

Dancing Salsa Can Heal Depression

Do you suffer from depression or do you know someone who does? According to the Mental Health UK website, 1 in 4 British Adults suffer from a mental health issue at least once every year. That’s an awful lot of people suffering, But luckily there is a simply way we can help combat the nasty effects of depression, anxiety and low mood ...[Read more]

COMPETITION: WIN Full VIP Weekend/Day Pass for CubaFest 2014

CubaFest 2014 is happening next weekend  14-17th November 2014 and it’s going to be hot… Here is your chance to join in with all the action and WIN a full VIP Weekend  or Day Pass for Cuba Fest 2014. To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, simply answer the following question: Q. Name three female artists at the CUBA ...[Read more]

Become a Salsa/Kizomba/Bachata DJ

You want to become a Salsa DJ and you’re desperate to uncover exciting new Salsa tracks and unleash them on the dancing public. Perhaps you dream of being the one with the status-symbol headphones over your ears sharing the energy with the crowd people dancing right before you. Maybe you just want to earn a little pocket money from your ...[Read more]

Why I’m A Better Dancer

DANCER: “I’m superior and you know it. After all,  I can dance salsa. What’s more, my style of salsa is far better than yours plus I’m a better dancer AND I know far more about salsa than most of you. So there!  I have the right to hold my nose in the air, ignore all of you mere mortals and roll my eyes when you ask some of your silly ...[Read more]

Eddy Vents: Why Most Kizomba and Salsa Teachers Are Bad

What do you think makes a good dancer or teacher? Is it the ability to teach, a well rounded knowledge of the dance, years of experience, a flair for dance or just sheer personality? UK Kizomba legend Eddy Vents believes that most of the dance teachers around at the moment know nothing about Kizomba and are just out to get your cash. He’s here ...[Read more]

Learn to Dance Reggaeton: A Crash Course

***Disclaimer: Online videos or tutorials are not a replacement for real life classes*** Have you ever been for a night out Salsa dancing when the music shifts momentarily to reggaeton and the floor fills with the most amazing ‘reggaetoneros‘? Did your jaw drop to the floor though you tried to conceal it and you pretended to be ...[Read more]

Why Salsa is so Amazing for Your Health

Salsa dancing is an insane amount of fun. What better way to spend the evening than surrounded by wonderful people who share your interests and passions, expressing yourself to music that is rhythmic, addictive and wonderful? However, you might have noticed that Salsa is more than just fun- it’s amazingly brilliant for your entire body. And ...[Read more]

Never Judge a (Salsa) Book by Its Cover

Not so long ago, I was at a brilliant local Salsa Club Night. Things had been a little slow that evening which was unusual for here. There were less dancers than usual- the weather was groggy and sticky and maybe that had put people off venturing out of their cooling houses. I found myself dashing between dances and the air conditioning system and ...[Read more]

Should We Let Our Ladies Lead?

Earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of watching a clip of all all-female group dancing rueda together. The person who posted it online added below the video that he doubted whether we should actually let our ladies dance. Although it was said in jest, he does raise the subject of ladies leading Salsa and multiple issues such as gender ...[Read more]

Busting The Salsa Myths

Before I started to dance Salsa, I had so many ideas in my head as to what Salsa was all about and what I could expect. Of course most of these were completely inaccurate and even embarrassing at times. After more than a decade spent on the dance-floor and in the DJ booth, I know a thing or two about Salsa and I’d love to bust a few Salsa ...[Read more]

How to Get the Most From Your Salsa Class

You are having a fantastic time going along to Salsa classes right now.  Your current mission is to learn more Salsa and become a better dancer. In fact, you want to become as good as you can as fast as you possibly can. Of course you do- most of us do too! But I’m not going to lie to you- it’s going to take money, time,  passion and ...[Read more]

When You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Salsa

Do you ever go for a night out Salsa dancing and return home feeling…well…a little disappointed or even deflated.Go on and admit it- you’re among friends here. You find that recently dancing just doesn’t feel the same as it used to. To be honest, you are wondering whether to bother at all anymore and just staying at home in ...[Read more]

DJ Lubi: Personal Reflections on the UK Salsa Scene

Have you ever wondered how the UK came to be so in love with Salsa music and dance? Was it just a lucky accident that happened when a dance craze ‘crossed the pond’ or is there a little more to it than that? And did the Golden Years’ of Salsa really exist? Luckily there is a man that can fill us in on all of the details with a ...[Read more]

Best Salsa Films…ever!

Did you know that there are loads of great Salsa films out there? Tonight is the night to get those feet up, have a night off and watch a film that will entertain both your brain and those Salsa feet. Some films are better than others of course so choose carefully: Born Romantic is a great way to start. It’s also my favourite Salsa film of ...[Read more]

Should You Date a Salsero?

Salsa men get a bad rap. “Be warned! ” they say. “They are all cheaters, they are all womanisers and they are all arrogant as hell” is what you often hear behind the scenes at your local Salsa club. But is this really true and should you date a Salsero or avoid them? As they say, there are always two sides to every story and today ...[Read more]

Become Great at Leading or Following

As you already know, Salsa dancing looks fantastic and feels amazing.  For it to work and look as fantastic as it does, one of the dancers in the couple needs to take the role of either ‘leader’ and the other ‘follower’. The leader signals the move that he (or she) wants the follower to dance, and the follower follows. ...[Read more]

Why Salsa a Recession-Proof Hobby

Have you heard about the global recession?  There are problems with the economy, government cuts,  job insecurity and many other things to have a good old moan about. You can’t deny it though- money is tighter than it was before and there’s only so much you can do. But who wants to stop having fun? Who wants to put a lid on all of ...[Read more]

You Don’t Need a Salsa Dance Partner

Salseros get so anxious about dance partners. Do they need a partner to start learning Salsa? Where on earth can they find one? How come they still can’t get a partner despite asking hundreds of girls? Are they doomed to a life of dancing failure now that they can’t find one? It’s so sad that so much energy is wasted worrying ...[Read more]
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