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Salsa Interviews

Mayito Rivera: The Glasto Latino Interview

Almost the entire world knows who Mayito Rivera is- he must be one of the best known Cuban singers of all time. He spent 20 years as front man with Juan Formell’s Los Van Van, inspired many with his superb vocals, won numerous awards in that time, including a Grammy with Los Van Van and has been christened ‘El Poeta de La Rumba’. Following ...[Read more]

Jose Luis: Salsa Music vs Salsa Dancing

Jose Luis is a man who has had a massive impact upon the UK Latin and Salsa scene over the past two decades. He’s co-founder of the LUKAS Awards and the UK’s number one Latin magazine  Latino Life and he’s been involved in some of the biggest Latin festivals in London including  Carnaval del Pueblo and the Latin Stage at the Notting ...[Read more]

Adrian Manzano- Director of ‘Sex, Love and Salsa’ (Interview)

Do you sometimes wish that the media would give an honest account of Salsa dancing? Are you still waiting for them to drop the saucy, hip wiggling talk and take the time to find out all the Salsa scene for themselves? I feel your pain. I too have rolled my eyes at Strictly Come Dancing’s faux pas, silly articles or even well-meaning but ...[Read more]

Kerry Ribchester: The Queen of UK Cuban Salsa

Kerry Ribchester is a world-class dance teacher, dance therapist, choreographer and film-maker who is completely and utterly in love with Cuba. She is founder of Key2Cuba, the Cuban dance holiday company and she boasts Kylie Minogue, Rula Lenska, and Frank Skinner among her dance students. She is also three times winner of the Top UK Salsa Teacher ...[Read more]

Alex Wilson, The Musical Face of UK Salsa

Alex Wilson is best known for his smooth Salsa hits like “Ain’t Nobody”, “Show Me” and “Inglaterra”. We’re pleased to say he’s back, working alongside Edwin Sanz on the album “San Agustin” which is due to be released in just a few weeks. He’s a brilliant pianist, composer, ...[Read more]

Salsa Celebrities: César Pacheco interview

With multiple dance styles, talents and an enthusiasm for life, he’s the teacher who’s been charming the salseras and inspiring the salseros of the UK for many years now. César Pacheco Cachacha talks to us today about what makes an awesome salsero and why wheels are simply the best! First things first! Tell us your name and what you ...[Read more]

A Chat with Pedrito Calvo Jnr.

The Cuban Salsa dance- floors of the world are steaming at the moment with his latest release “Cubaneo” and the man himself has much more up his sleeve. Today we are very lucky to be talking to the sweet and passionate Pedrito Calvo Jr and getting to know a bit more about what makes him tick. Hello Pedrito! First of all, tell us who ...[Read more]

Interview with DJ Jacoviche (Barcelona)

Most of us know what it’s like to live for a passion, especially if the passion is Salsa. Today, we are talking to an immensely passionate DJ who lives and breathes Salsa Dura. He’s played alongside the likes of DJ Lubi at the Salsa y Latin Jazz Festival 2012, is a regular at the hugely popular Tempo Latino Festival in France (now in it’s ...[Read more]