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Why Your Excuses Not To Learn Salsa Are Rubbish

You wouldn’t be seen dead dancing Salsa. It’s definitely not your scene and you’re never going near a Salsa class. It’s full of hips and sleeze and it’and the music is just confusing. No, thank you! At least that’s your official line. The truth is, you’d actually quite fancy giving it a go, but there are a couple of things things ...[Read more]

What to Expect in your First Salsa Class

We all get a little nervous when we are starting something new. It really helps to have some kind of idea what awaits you, so you know that you won’t be making a fool of yourself. Here’s a little insider knowledge that will give you the guts to rock up to your first Salsa class with a huge smile on your face and inspire all the other ...[Read more]

Styles of Salsa Dancing

You’re standing at the bar having a tiny rest after particularly fab dance and you overhear some guys talk about ‘On2’, ‘New York’, ‘Rueda’, ‘Cali-style’ and other things that sound like some kind of exotic secret code-language. Not a clue? Don’t worry- I’m here to hold your virtual ...[Read more]

The Origin of Salsa Music and Dance

You love Salsa. You love Salsa so much that you’re desperate to find out more about this fab dance and music style and so you did a little search online for the origins of Salsa and you found…oh…You found lots of confusing info jam-packed with jargon and dates and so you just gave up. Salsa Hackers to the rescue!! Here is a simple ...[Read more]

How to Find The Beat in Salsa Music

  Do you love Salsa but you’re finding it difficult to find the beat in Salsa music ? Desperate to finally figure it all out? You are not alone! If you want to get beyond a beginner’s level, this is a problem that needs urgent attention. After all, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dancing, how many lessons you ...[Read more]

Beat Fear of Dancing in Public

You can see it now: you’ve just started to learn to dance Salsa and you’re on the dance-floor. Everyone has their eyes on you and they are just waiting for you to really mess up and look like a complete fool. So you avoid dancing- you dash away home after the class and practice in secret when no-one will see you. You think you are ...[Read more]

Why You Should Learn to Dance Salsa

Just imagine if there was just one tiny thing you could do right now to feel completely amazing. One little indulgent thing that would make you feel super-confident and sexy, work like magic on your body and health, boost your social life and give you a clean and wholesome high? It doesn’t involve depriving yourself, nor taking up some kind ...[Read more]
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