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Glasto Latino- Surprising Salsa in Wellies

Have you ever had an experience that left you thinking “Wow, that was really amazing! But do I really have to go home now?” As some of you may already know, Salsa Hackers has been at the Glastonbury Festival over the past weekend, discovering the delights of the Salsa tent named Glasto Latino. I’d known about the tent for a ...[Read more]

DJ Lubi: Personal Reflections on the UK Salsa Scene

Have you ever wondered how the UK came to be so in love with Salsa music and dance? Was it just a lucky accident that happened when a dance craze ‘crossed the pond’ or is there a little more to it than that? And did the Golden Years’ of Salsa really exist? Luckily there is a man that can fill us in on all of the details with a ...[Read more]

Jose Luis: Salsa Music vs Salsa Dancing

Jose Luis is a man who has had a massive impact upon the UK Latin and Salsa scene over the past two decades. He’s co-founder of the LUKAS Awards and the UK’s number one Latin magazine  Latino Life and he’s been involved in some of the biggest Latin festivals in London including  Carnaval del Pueblo and the Latin Stage at the Notting ...[Read more]

Adrian Manzano- Director of ‘Sex, Love and Salsa’ (Interview)

Do you sometimes wish that the media would give an honest account of Salsa dancing? Are you still waiting for them to drop the saucy, hip wiggling talk and take the time to find out all the Salsa scene for themselves? I feel your pain. I too have rolled my eyes at Strictly Come Dancing’s faux pas, silly articles or even well-meaning but ...[Read more]

Best Salsa Films…ever!

Did you know that there are loads of great Salsa films out there? Tonight is the night to get those feet up, have a night off and watch a film that will entertain both your brain and those Salsa feet. Some films are better than others of course so choose carefully: Born Romantic is a great way to start. It’s also my favourite Salsa film of ...[Read more]

Should You Date a Salsero?

Salsa men get a bad rap. “Be warned! ” they say. “They are all cheaters, they are all womanisers and they are all arrogant as hell” is what you often hear behind the scenes at your local Salsa club. But is this really true and should you date a Salsero or avoid them? As they say, there are always two sides to every story and today ...[Read more]

Become Great at Leading or Following

As you already know, Salsa dancing looks fantastic and feels amazing.  For it to work and look as fantastic as it does, one of the dancers in the couple needs to take the role of either ‘leader’ and the other ‘follower’. The leader signals the move that he (or she) wants the follower to dance, and the follower follows. ...[Read more]

Kerry Ribchester: The Queen of UK Cuban Salsa

Kerry Ribchester is a world-class dance teacher, dance therapist, choreographer and film-maker who is completely and utterly in love with Cuba. She is founder of Key2Cuba, the Cuban dance holiday company and she boasts Kylie Minogue, Rula Lenska, and Frank Skinner among her dance students. She is also three times winner of the Top UK Salsa Teacher ...[Read more]

Why Salsa a Recession-Proof Hobby

Have you heard about the global recession?  There are problems with the economy, government cuts,  job insecurity and many other things to have a good old moan about. You can’t deny it though- money is tighter than it was before and there’s only so much you can do. But who wants to stop having fun? Who wants to put a lid on all of ...[Read more]

Alex Wilson, The Musical Face of UK Salsa

Alex Wilson is best known for his smooth Salsa hits like “Ain’t Nobody”, “Show Me” and “Inglaterra”. We’re pleased to say he’s back, working alongside Edwin Sanz on the album “San Agustin” which is due to be released in just a few weeks. He’s a brilliant pianist, composer, ...[Read more]

Salsa at the Glastonbury Festival

Imagine Salsa in wellies…Imagine Salsa in wellies on a farm in the heart of Somerset…Sound like an experience not to be missed? Believe it or now, we’re talking about the Salsa tent (Glasto Latino) at the Glastonbury Festival. And whilst you will probably not need the wellies once we have this heat-wave that is right around the ...[Read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Salsa Documentaries: Part 1 (History & Culture)

Salsa documentaries are brilliant. They let you indulge in your passion a little without having to lift your bottom from your seat. And what’s more, you get a little Salsa education in the process. What could be better? We’ve gathered together the best Salsa documentaries that we could find especially for you, spanning USA Latin/Salsa, ...[Read more]

You Don’t Need a Salsa Dance Partner

Salseros get so anxious about dance partners. Do they need a partner to start learning Salsa? Where on earth can they find one? How come they still can’t get a partner despite asking hundreds of girls? Are they doomed to a life of dancing failure now that they can’t find one? It’s so sad that so much energy is wasted worrying ...[Read more]

10 Must-Have Cuban Salsa Albums

If you love Cuban Salsa music,want to get to know it better but don’t have a clue where to start, then we have a treat for you. We’ve gathered together a list of our Top 10 Cuban Salsa albums of all time. They are in no particular order, simply the order in which they came to mind. We feel they give you the best introduction to Cuban ...[Read more]

Juan Formell, Leader & Founder of Los Van Van has died

This morning we awoke to shock news- that Juan Formell, founder and leader of the Cuban superband Los Van Van had died in Havana aged 71. According to his son Samuel Formell, he died in hospital following complications arising from liver disease. He will be very sadly missed. There’s hardly a fan of Cuban music in the world that doesn’t know ...[Read more]

Salsa and the Art of Procrastination

Have you ever thought about doing something that you would absolutely love and would make a huge difference in your life, and then  found a silly excuse to postpone doing it? Don’t deny it- you know exactly what I’m talking about here. You know that time when you just can’t face heading to a Salsa class until you’ve bought ...[Read more]

Why Social Dancers are Keeping Salsa Alive

Last week, this man published a controversial Salsa article on his blog that went viral. Entitled “Why Social Dancers Are Killing Salsa“, he suggested that a lack of serious dancers are killing the salsa scene. Whilst everyone is entitled to his opinion, he is sadly misguided and most importantly completely and utterly wrong. What he ...[Read more]

Should you Dump your Non-Salsa Boyfriend (or girlfriend)?

Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes Picture this: You have just met the most wonderful person, they really like you, you really like them and things are looking amazingly good. You can’t help but have all over goose-bumps when they are around, they make you feel like the most precious person on the entire planet and you want to carry on feeling like ...[Read more]

A Tribute to Cheo Feliciano

Last week, the world’s Salsa and Latin music fans were deeply saddened to hear news of the death of Cheo Feliciano, one of the greatest Salsa and Bolero singers of all time . Today, we pay tribute to the man who triumphed over poverty and drug addiction to become one of the biggest names in the worldwide Latin music scene. He passed away in ...[Read more]

LUKAS AWARDS 2014- Winners Announced!

If you’re a fan of the red carpet and everything celebrity then you’re going to love our feature today all about the Lukas Awards 2014. The UK’s equivalent of the Latin Grammys is set to hit London at the end of this month and boy are we excited! The LUKAS Awards is the place to be if you love everything Latin in the UK. And not just Salsa ...[Read more]

Salsa Celebrities: César Pacheco interview

With multiple dance styles, talents and an enthusiasm for life, he’s the teacher who’s been charming the salseras and inspiring the salseros of the UK for many years now. César Pacheco Cachacha talks to us today about what makes an awesome salsero and why wheels are simply the best! First things first! Tell us your name and what you ...[Read more]

A Chat with Pedrito Calvo Jnr.

The Cuban Salsa dance- floors of the world are steaming at the moment with his latest release “Cubaneo” and the man himself has much more up his sleeve. Today we are very lucky to be talking to the sweet and passionate Pedrito Calvo Jr and getting to know a bit more about what makes him tick. Hello Pedrito! First of all, tell us who ...[Read more]

International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob 2014

If you were in the vicinity of your local High Street last weekend, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your fellow everyday citizens had been possessed by sinister forces and somehow transformed into awesome Salsa dancers.  What’s more, these dancers were perfectly synchronised, sexy and energetic and then…suddenly dissolved into the ...[Read more]

How to Learn Salsa Online (and supercharge your skills)

Have you ever tried to learn Salsa online and completely utterly failed? You became demotivated, didn’t like what you were learning and didn’t actually know how to dance as a result. You tossed ‘learning to dance salsa’ into your ‘someday’ pile and sat down for another night in front of the telly. Are you really willing to give up ...[Read more]

How to Get Fab Salsa Dances on Holiday

You were so excited about fitting in a little Salsa dancing whilst on holiday Did you think that it was going to be absolutely fab and that you’d be in your element? Then reality struck! You know absolutely no-one. So your chance of decent dances is pretty close to zilch.  But don’t lose heart. With just four simple Salsa Hacker tips ...[Read more]

Interview with DJ Jacoviche (Barcelona)

Most of us know what it’s like to live for a passion, especially if the passion is Salsa. Today, we are talking to an immensely passionate DJ who lives and breathes Salsa Dura. He’s played alongside the likes of DJ Lubi at the Salsa y Latin Jazz Festival 2012, is a regular at the hugely popular Tempo Latino Festival in France (now in it’s ...[Read more]

The Cuban Fury Soundtrack

Cuban Fury is the best Salsa movie release to appear in years and it’s a real must-see for any Salsa fan in need of a move fix. It boasts great names like Nick Frost, real life dancers like Yanet Fuentes and Susana Montero, and a funny sweet storyline that won’t fail to inspire Latin hope in the geekiest of men. Have you seen it yet? Of ...[Read more]

Best Salsa Music for Beginners

Do you really really want to get your hands on some lovely Salsa music of your very own, but feel clueless about where to start? Have you picked up several CDs of Salsa music from a local music store and discovered they weren’t quite what you hoped for? I’ve been there, I’ve been lost, and I’ve batted my way through to the ...[Read more]

Salsa Etiquette Simplified

There are so many posts swinging around the interweb about Salsa etiquette and they are, without doubt, the most-read of all Salsa topics. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that learning to dance is akin to memorising the rules of a distant exotic tribe. There are huge lists packed with directions on how to behave and move, thousands of ...[Read more]

Become a Great Salsa Dancer in 6 Easy Steps

Do you watch other dancers around you and wish desperately that you could look just as good as they do? Think about the difference it would make to your life to be be as confident and sexy as they are… I remember being that person standing at the edge of the dance-floor in awe of the incredible dancers before me. I spent hours wishing that ...[Read more]
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