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5 Minutes with Sagi Iluz

Our interview this week is super short-but-sweet. He’s the man responsible for the award-winning Scottish Salsa Congress which celebrated 5 years this January as well as teaching, promoting and DJing  in the Salsa scene in Edinbugh. Today we are chatting to Sagi Iluz about congresses, Salsa and accreditation.

How did you get into Salsa?

My first encounter with Salsa was Latin dance course at a dance school in Edinburgh for two terms.

What tips would you give someone that is just learning to dance?

Dance Dance Dance. Learn as many of the styles as you can and that way you increase your power and potential on the dance-floor.

Do you think there is a shortcut to learning to dance Salsa?

I wish there was, but unfortunately no. It’s all about practice- go to congresses, learn from different teachers and above all have fun.

You are an accredited Salsa instructor-was it worth accreditation and who did you do it with?

It certainly was- especially because they offer insurance to their instructors. It’s good for the teachers and it’s good for the students too. I did it via UKA and I’d really recommend them.

Do you think that the UK Salsa scene has changed over the years?

I would say that it has developed and progressed. We get constantly new talented dancers to the scene and it is a great thing. It pushes everyone to improve and learn new things.

scottish salsa congress 2015What do you think the future holds for Salsa in the UK?

From my experience Salsa has its ups and downs. Throughout the years we’ve seen classes that are full of dancers then moments where number decline for a brief period due to new trends such as Zumba etc. But overall Salsa as a dance is undoubtedly here to stay.

What else do you do in Edinburgh apart from the congress?

I organise Salsa events,  live bands and I also DJ.

I also have my weekly classes at Boteco Do Brasil  Every Monday and Wednesday.

  • Monday: 7pm -10pm classes, 10pm – 1am Free social dance
  • Wednesday: 8pm -10pm classes, 10pm – 1am Free social dance

For all the one off events check www.salsasuave.co.uk  or SalsaHackers.com

What does the future hold for you personally?

Keep enjoy dancing to my last days. And of course the next Scottish Salsa Congress on 6th-9th Feb 2015.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Sagi. Best of luck for the future.

For more information about Sagi Iluz and the Scottish Salsa Congress see Facebook or the congress website.

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